(Hope For Peace And Love)

“Hello all, One day I was asked by many foreign friends about Ao Dai, but unfortunately I haven’t taken many pictures of Ao Dai. Ao Dai is a special traditional dress of my country- Viet Nam. So I decided to start a project (365 days with Ao Dai ) to shoot on traditional Ao Dai based on unique traditional and modern values. In the past few decades, many designers have innovated ao dai. Among them, there were many designs that became a disaster and destroyed the images of Ao Dai in my eyes. At the same time it has fallen into cultural appropriation. For me, Ao Dai is both an adjective and a noun. Ao Dai just evokes , rustic, simple, seductive Vietnamese women and contains many memories. Vietnamese Ao Dai is not only a kind of national dress but also contains a rich history, cultural traditions, aesthetic conceptions, national consciousness and spirit of the Vietnamese people. Through many changes of society and times, the Ao Dai has always been a beautiful symbol of the national culture, the pride of Vietnamese people. The soft, gentle and discreet beauty of the Vietnamese Ao Dai is shown by its high neck, soft round shoulders and two graceful sleeves. The models in this photo series are mostly my friends in many different fields, they are not professional models and do not have the usual beauty of Asian models, there are people who are for the first time stand in front of the camera lens.Thanks for your watching!” Chiron Duong

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Portraits Of Ao Dai I
Portraits Of Ao Dai II
Portraits Of Ao Dai III
Portraits Of Ao Dai IV
Portraits Of Ao Dai V