Photobook Portraits Of Áo Dài- Hope For Peace And Love


Title: Portraits Of “Áo Dài” – Hope For Peace And Love

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Teaser Photobook: Portraits Of “Áo Dài”- Hope For Peace And Love


  • Self-published
  • Year of Production: 2023
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Author: Chiron Duong (Dat Duong)
  • Designer: Todd Huynh (Huynh Minh Thong)
  • Translator: Hoang Nguyen Minh Anh
  • 1st Special Edition:  300 prints ( and 10 Artist Proof)
  • Signature: Includes Chiron Duong’s signature
  • Size 20x28cm (Vertical format)
  • 288 pages of 115gsm Klasica paper
  • Hardcover covered with Curious Matter Red 135gsm paper.
  • Shipping Worldwide
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